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Good Etiquette Is A Trait
Not All Possess

Over the last eight years, during the development of the Sutro trails system, there has been one frequent comment that many of the Stewards have taken pride in hearing… "cyclists using the trails are very courteous and respectful of others". Unfortunately as the popularity of the area has increased so have some conflicts between user groups and even for users within the same groups. After lengthy discussion and a willingness to educate all users to "right of way" and other issues, UCSF has implemented a "Share The Trail" message now posted throughout the open space.
All open space users need to recognize the rights of others. To someone out for a nature hike the big bare eroded berms along the Historic Trail, where rare plants once grew, are not conducive to the "natural" experience they are seeking. The same is said for a parent taking a son or daughter out for a trail ride only to be forced off the trail by a high speed downhill rider, or runner with headphones oblivious to others. 
All groups need to inflect a little peer pressure from time to time to keep matters in check. While what seems like good etiquette to some is obviously lost on others. "Leave No Trace" could be a message to the dog walkers who bag the poop and then fling the bags into the bushes where they remain visible for years to everyone.
Let's all work toward ensuring that while we're out enjoying our experience on Sutro, everyone that we pass is sharing in an enjoyable experience, too.  CD



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Stewards Receive Recognition

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